"East Coast Tribal Belly Dance" DVD with Sera Solstice

"East Coast Tribal Belly Dance" DVD with Sera Solstice

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East Coast Tribal belly dance blends sensual, fluid movement with sharp percussive accents evoking the flair of urban modernity. It resonates with exotic echoes of the world's ancient dances and bears a touch of the dark cyber-age mystique.

The East Coast Tribal Belly Dance instructional and muscle-conditioning program is designed by Sera, an acclaimed performer of Tribal fusion belly dance, and sought-after instructor with a superb systematic and effective teaching method. Sera's primary form of creative expression is through Tribal styles of belly dance. Her movements are rooted in Tribal Fusion belly dance, drawing from ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and ATS (American Tribal Style) to make the blend she calls East Coast Tribal.

Sera's Warmup and Drills programs combine fluid movements and percussive hipwork of bellydance in a way that promotes muscle strength, tone and elongation - the basis for a beautiful body line and effortless grace, both in dance and in everyday life. These sections will take you though series of upper and lower body isolations, help you ingrain in your muscle memory the precision of bellydance technique, and develop muscle control that will convert into a mesmerizing fluid dance as you are learning the East Coast Tribal dance combinations.

The step-by-step instructional section breaks down essential belly dance movements and assembles them into 6 combinations. The combinations can be practiced and performed individually or as a whole. They come together into a seamless choreographed sequence with a wonderful flow of energy and an amazing expressivity.


* Warmup (20 min.)
Sera & Solstice Dance Ensemble

* Hipwork drills (10 min.)
Sera & Solstice Dance Ensemble

* Combinations Demonstration & Practice (5 min.) 
-6 combinations performed as one dance sequence
Sera & Solstice Dance Ensemble

* 6 Combinations: Step-by-Step instruction (45 min.) - Sera

* Performance by Sera (5 min)