"Drum Solo Magic" -- Belly Dance Technique and Choreography with Shahrzad

"Drum Solo Magic" -- Belly Dance Technique and Choreography with Shahrzad

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Drum Solo Magic is a belly dance drum solo (tabla solo) instructional program by Cairo-based star of Oriental Dance Shahrzad. The drum solo is one of the most exciting parts of a belly dancer's repertoire. The intricate pops and rolls of the drum enable dancers to showcase their technical skill while the upbeat pace of the music leaves a lot of room for expressing personality and having fun.

Shahrzad opens her program with a warmup designed to both stretch and strengthen the muscles of the core, hips, and legs. Next comes a technique review for the shimmies and isolations. Shahrzad starts with classic belly dance isolations and works them into layering drills to challenge and perfect your technique.

In the following section, she breaks down step-by-step a series of detailed combinations that showcase many different rhythms and accents found in drum solo music.

Finally, she combines all of the technique and combinations into a choreography to an original drum solo composed and performed by Marshall Bodiker.

"Drum solo music gives me the energy and inspiration to go crazy on stage and I always have a great time," says Shahrzad,  "So remember, practice your technique until you are comfortable enough to relax, drill your combinations until they are second nature, and most importantly don't forget to smile and to have fun!"