Doumbek Technique and Rhythms for Arabic Percussion & Belly Dance

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Doumbek Technique and Rhythms for Arabic Percussion & Belly Dance

Learn to play doumbek (dumbek, darabuka, darbuka, tabla) with New York's most beloved Arab percussionist, the master instructor, the one and only Amir Naoum!

Trained - and a former instructor at - Beirut's top music academy, Amir Naoum is the best-of-the-best in Arab percussion.  If you are a dancer, Amir Naoum's clear introduction to the most popular bellydance rhythms and their subtle variations will help you learn to recognize the rhythms even in their most sophisticated forms.If you are a beginning drummer this DVD will serve as a very accessible friendly and solid introduction to the art of Middle Eastern percussion.

This program is a beginner-level doumbek instructional course with a lot of beyond-the-basics information and spectacular demonstrations of Middle Eastern drumming and dance rhythms.

Syllabic notation is displayed onscreen progressively changing in real time as the instructor plays the rhythms and exercises. Extensive chapter selection menus with individual access to each rhythm exercise type of sound etc.


  • Malfouf 2/4 basic "filled" variations;

  • Ayoub 2/4 basic Ayoub variations syncopated Ayoub;

  • Maksoum 4/4 old-fashioned Maksoum;

  • Arabic Maksoum 1 Arabic Maksoum 2 variations;

  • Baladi 4/4 old-fashioned Baladi;

  • Arabic style Baladi 1 & 2 Arabic baladis with slap and pop variations;

  • Saiidi 4/4 Saiidi 1 (old-fashioned) with variations

  • Saiidi 2 ("City Saiidi" modern) and 6 "City Saiidi" variations;

  • Soumbati 4/4 1 2 and 3 ("Bambi");

  • Masmoudi 8/4 basic masmoudi ways to fill it; 4 variations;

  • Ciftitelli 8/4 basic ways to fill it variation with pops.

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