"Dance Today! Samba with Quenia Ribeiro" DVD beginner & advanced

"Dance Today! Samba with Quenia Ribeiro" DVD beginner & advanced

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Learn two fun and elegant samba dances with Quenia Ribeiro and Quenia's band, Grupo Ribeiro!

Samba is the most internationally recognized music and dance form from Brazil. Samba dance is a patchwork of many cultural elements pieced together from Africa, Europe, and the indigenous people of Brazil. Developed in Bahia and brought to Rio De Janeiro by people of African descent, Samba dance spread to all levels of Brazilian society.

There are many different styles of Samba music and dance in Brazil. In this instructional DVD Quenia Ribeiro teaches the sexy, and exciting Samba from Rio De Janeiro. She demonstrates the basic footwork of Samba and then she breaks the movements down into concise and understandable steps. The next section in the DVD focuses on 2 choreographed routines. This style of Brazilian dance is most commonly referred to as “Samba No Pe.”

Carnaval is celebrated preceding Lent. The “Escolas De Samba,” or Samba schools are community based organizations that create the music, samba dance, costumes and floats for the Carnaval parade. In addition to the musicians (bateria), the parade is comprised of “alas” or wings. Many wings follow choreographed Brazilian dance routines similar to the ones demonstrated in this samba video / DVD.