"Dance Today! Flamenco - Farruca & Gypsy Tangos" DVD

"Dance Today! Flamenco - Farruca & Gypsy Tangos" DVD

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Learn two beautiful dances with Puela Lunaris — Gypsy Tango and Farruca!

When life becomes a bit too predictable and routine drains you of excitement, it's time to let the magic of dance carry you beyond your current horizons. Discover new ways to move, to look, to find friends, to stay in shape, and to shake off stress. Dance is a language: Tell your story and celebrate your true self through sensual, feminine movement. Even if you learn just a few steps, dance will always be with you, a sparkling new facet to the precious gem that is YOU.

Gyspy Tangos are one of Flamenco's most sensual dances. More ancient than the Argentine Tango, the Gypsy Tangos are traditionally danced at gypsy weddings and celebrations in Spain. Learn a full choreography in the traditional manner of waving your skirt into passionate flames and moving your hips the gypsy way.

Farruca is a passionate and powerful footwork dance, energizing and full of life. Farruca was one of the first dances to develop within Flamenco as a performing art during the Modernist era. It had deep influence upon the work of Diaghilev, Massine and Picasso. An outstanding stress reliever, dancing the Farruca feels invigorating and empowering.

Bonus! Puela Lunaris performances of Gypsy Tangos and Farruca with live band.

Download music from this DVD for practice and performance! 


  1. "Planetary Gypsy (tangos)"- Puela Lunaris

  2. "Puellae Gaditanae (tanguillos)" - Puela Lunaris

  3. "Tangos of Extremadura (tangos)"- Puela Lunaris

  4. "Matadora (farruca)" - Puela Lunaris