"Country Dance Workout" DVD with Elizabeth De Gennaro

"Country Dance Workout" DVD with Elizabeth De Gennaro

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Created by the trend-setting dance fitness instructor and choreographer Elizabeth De Gennaro, World Dance New York's Country Dance Workout celebrates the unique cultural heritage of the American Country & Western tradition while offering a creative way to achieve your fitness and weight-loss goals.

Enjoy four high-energy dance workouts to tone, tighten and energize your body as you learn and practice authentic American country dance steps and routines to award-winning country music.

Elizabeth teaches classic country line dances, such as tush-push, cowboy boogie, boot-scootin’ boogie, and swing. She also tosses in a couple of hip-hop and Latin moves here and there to add a modern, sexy flair to her fitness routines. She guides you through each routine step-by-step, and leads workout sessions with music. There is also a special section where you can dance all four routines for a non-stop workout.

All the steps in this program are fun, easy and totally doable for any age and body type. Once you practice your Country & Western dance moves with Elizabeth De Gennaro, you’ll be ready to hit the dance floors of honky tonks and country dance clubs in the US and around the world!

So work it out, baby - country style!