"Perfect in Ten: Pilates, 10-minute workouts" DVD with Annette Fletcher

"Perfect in Ten: Pilates, 10-minute workouts" DVD with Annette Fletcher

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Give us just 10 minutes 5 times a week and you will see for yourself the figure-shaping results of the Pilates technique used by celebrities and models for decades!

This dynamic and effective program works by delivering a streamlined series of exercises, easy to fit into your busy schedule and designed to tighten and lift your abs, achieve longer and leaner thighs, create shapely glutes, overcome stress-induced tension, and make your everyday movement more graceful and fluid.

Certified Pilates instructor Annette Fletcher has designed these 10-minute workouts to help you discover how responsive your body is to creative and intelligent conditioning, and to put you quickly on your way toward a more beautiful and graceful physique.

The Pilates method relies on the intelligence of our bodies to build strength from the inside out. The Perfect in Ten: Pilates exercises are easy-to-follow and do not require any equipment, yet they form an intense workout by flowing seamlessly from one move to the next. Pilates is a mind/body discipline: Annette Fletcher will guide you through focus techniques that will prompt your body and individual body zones to work harder and achieve better and faster results. Annette's program is accessible to beginners and contains variations to challenge you as your fitness level grows.

You can easily do any of these 10-minute segments alone or combined with other workouts depending on how much time you have. Best of all, with our 4 ten-minute routines you can alternate your workout: Keeping your body challenged continually produces maximum results.

  1. Wake-up and go!

  2. Pilates focus - abs

  3. Strong arms and back

  4. Concentration: Legs and glutes

  5. Freedom and flexibility