Egyptian Belly Dance #2 Intermediate-Advanced 3-DVD set

Egyptian Belly Dance #2 Intermediate-Advanced 3-DVD set

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The Baladi: Belly Dance Egyptian Style with Ranya Renée

Magency: The Oriental Dance Entrance Routine - Rhythms, Technique, Choreography, with Shahrzad

Shaabi Dance Technique & Combinations with Shahrzad

The Baladi: Belly Dance Egyptian Style with Ranya Renée - a nearly 5-and-a-half-hour-long 2-DVD set - covers the structure, rhythms and musical flavors of typical baladi belly dance progressions, teaches the essential technique and dance vocabulary of baladi, and provides drills for developing your own improvisational practice. The Baladi: Belly Dance Egyptian Style is the first program to combine instruction in core Egyptian dance technique with a wealth of detailed cultural information and tools for learning to interpret the music and for daily dance practice. The program is a valuable resource for bellydancers of all levels of experience as well as for dance instructors.

“Magency - The Oriental Dance Entrance Routine: Rhythms, Technique, Choreography” is created by the US-based Oriental Dance star Shahrzad to teach the Egyptian-style dance technique applied to the genre of “magency.” Magency is the Oriental Dance entrance piece that showcases a dancer’s skill and signature style using an array of iconic Arabic rhythms and a powerful melodic line. It features a variety of belly dance styles, from modern Oriental dance with its dynamic turns and step combinations to folk dance vignettes and lyrical soulful improvisation.

In Shaabi Dance - Technique and Combinations, Shahrzad first introduces a range of dance moves that have this recognizable shaabi look and feel. Many of these steps are variations of classic belly dance moves styled to look casual, organic, and easy, which takes them outside the realm of Oriental Dance/classic bellydance which commonly feature precision of control and tight isolations. Shahrzad explains all the elements of technique and styling in detail and leads a practice of each move. In the Combinations section Shahrzad teaches 8 shaabi dance combinations varying in length and complexity. The Choreography section offers step-by-step breakdown and practice of Shahrzad’s Shaabi Practice Choreography.