Cardio Belly Dance, with Melissa - Workout for Beginners - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

Cardio Belly Dance, with Melissa - Workout for Beginners - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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A supple sleek body and hypnotic sinuous moves...All the benefits of bellydance can be yours with Cardio Bellydance!

Melissa has taken her professional experience as a personal trainer Pilates instructor performing belly dancer and belly dance teacher and created the Bellycore system to help you get in touch with your body on a totally new level.Bellycore is a blend of Pilates principles and exercises with bellydance moves.

Pilates is all about stabilizing the spine but belly dance gets the spine moving the combination can make your back stronger and healthier than ever before and tone your abs so they hold in better giving you a flatter stomach and a narrower waist.

In Bellycore classes students go from rank beginner to intermediate level in as little as 8 weeks using the Bellycore combination of Pilates exercises and bellydance moves and combinations. Now you too can reinvent yourself into a chic and glamorous bellydancer and get a great workout in the process!


  • Pilates-based warmup/tutorial

  • Detailed breakdown of all belly dance moves and combinations in the movement rehearsal sections that precede each cardio section

  • Bonus bellydance performance by Melissa!