Burlesque & Striptease How-To 3-DVD Set

Burlesque & Striptease How-To 3-DVD Set

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Burlesque combines elements of acting, modeling and dance. There are three burlesque instructional programs in this bunch - all three by Jo Weldon, the celebrated Headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque.  Between them, the three DVDs address every aspect of this sophisticated theatrical art, sharing generously Jo's skills, tips, and inspiration.

Honey & Spice: Sensual & Fierce Burlesque (DVD)

Silk & Feathers: Burlesque Fan Dance (DVD)

Striptease for Burlesque, Exotic Dance & Every Day (DVD)

Jo Weldon's Honey and Spice DVD offers step-by-step breakdowns of two burlesque dance routines - sensual dance with a feather boa and the burlesque staple, the Bump & Grind.

Jo's Silk & Feathers DVD teaches three fan dance routines - with beautiful small marabou fans, glamourous veil fans, and with fabulous and sophisticated large ostrich fans.

Striptease is a de rigueur part of every burlesque performance - Jo Weldon's Striptease DVD instructional program teaches you how to take off EVERYTHING, to the last string of pearls and handful of lace lingerie, and how to make a breathtaking show out of removing every item, be it an earring, a wedding gown, or a sweat suit.

So... get that good girl out of your system and get hold of our treasure chest of secret weapons! ;D