Burlesque Dance & Showmanship 3-DVD Video Set

Burlesque Dance & Showmanship 3-DVD Video Set

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Burlesque Chair Dance

Honey & Spice

Silk & Feathers

Created by New York City-based burlesque star and the Headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque, Jo Weldon’s Burlesque Chair Dance instructional video program is a treasure chest of skills and techniques for aspiring burlesque performers ready to start building their stage repertoire.

Jo teaches two burlesque chair dance routines - a soft romantic dance focusing on classic sexy and flirty burlesque moves and sensual poses, and a slightly faster and more challenging sassy dance with a lot of burlesque bopping, bumping, and grinding. The chair is a great dance prop allowing the performer to showcase her grace and sensuality at any level of fitness and dance skill. It will also help you improve your flexibility and coordination, and build up the strength necessary for a stage performance.

The Honey & Spice instructional video explores two styles of burlesque: Sensual and Fierce. The program features two burlesque routines set to authentic burlesque music. The emphasis of both routines is on understanding the art of concealing and revealing. While burlesque has its own classic moves and steps, any burlesque routine can be personalized by adding steps from your favorite form of dance or from other variety arts.

Silk and Feathers is an introduction to burlesque fan dance. Popularized by the ostrich feather fan dance act of Sally Rand in the 1930s, fan dance with striptease or the implication of a body reveal has become a globally-recognized staple of burlesque performance.

In Silk and Feathers Jo Weldon teaches three fan dance routines - with beautiful small marabou fans, glamourous veil fans, and with fabulous and sophisticated large ostrich fans. The dances are set to classic burlesque music and use a wide array of movement, poses, and techniques from the distinctive vocabulary of burlesque fan dance.