Best Assets! The Burlesque Booty Workout, Gal Friday & Peekaboo Pointe - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

Best Assets! The Burlesque Booty Workout, Gal Friday & Peekaboo Pointe - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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World Dance New York's Burlesque Booty Workouts are a series of burlesque dance fitness videos. BEST ASSETS and ROCK BOTTOM, designed and presented by New York City burlesque stars Peekaboo Pointe and Gal Friday, are both open level burlesque workouts: No special dance or fitness experience is required. The selection of burlesque moves and combinations, as well as tempo, progression, and mood differ in each of these two programs.

The classic burlesque dance vocabulary includes a lot of lower body moves: Bump & grind, various types of hip rolls and hip and butt shimmies, plus elements of floorwork perfect for toning your glutes and thighs. Peekaboo Pointe and Gal Friday have tested their burlesque fitness routines in the popular weekly class they teach at the New York School of Burlesque and at the workshops they teach across the US and overseas, perfecting a set of moves that offer a unique opportunity in fitness: The chance to learn and practice burlesque dance while simultaneously sculpting and toning your lower body.

Each program consists of three instructional sections that break down step-by-step all of the moves you are going to do in the workouts to follow, plus three 10-minute workout sessions where Gal and Peekaboo gradually assemble the individual moves you have learned into sassy burlesque combinations, and then repeat them to fun, upbeat burlesque music. Both BEST ASSETS and ROCK BOTTOM include a non-stop 30-minute workout uninterrupted by instructional sections.

Peekaboo and Gal’s New York City classes always include elements of non-dance fitness, such as stretching and traditional gym-style glute and thigh toning exercises. Their video programs do the same: ROCK BOTTOM features a series of squat and lunge variations led by Gal Friday, and BEST ASSETS offers a Pilates-based leg-toning series of exercises led by Peekaboo Pointe.