Belly Dance with Cane: Technique & Practice with Tanna Valentine

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Belly Dance with Cane: Technique & Practice with Tanna Valentine

Belly Dance with Cane: Basic Technique & Practice with Tanna Valentine is a 20-minute primer on basic cane dance moves, plus practice with music. Beginner Level. 

Opening this program, Tanna Valentine discusses the origins of cane dance as a genre of belly dance, and the different types of canes suitable for dance. 

In the Tutorial section Tanna demonstrates and explains the mechanics of Egyptian cane dance moves most widely-used in bellydance. 

In the Practice section, you will follow Tanna in a belly dance flow repeating individual cane dance moves a number of times with music. It's a fast-moving drills session that features a repetitions counter on the screen to help you keep up, and diagrams showing the trajectory of your arms, hips, and upper body during the cane dance moves. To help you learn popular cane dance terms, the names of each step are displayed on screen. 

At the end of the Practice section, Tanna offers a dance-along sequence where the cane dance moves you've just practiced are woven together into a mini cane dance routine

This video is also available as part of the Bellydance for Body Sculpting: Total Body video program by Tanna Valentine.


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