Tribal Fusion NYC: Belly Dance with Darshan - Intermediate Level - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

Tribal Fusion NYC: Belly Dance with Darshan - Intermediate Level - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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 Blend the timeless aesthetics of belly dance with the urban edge of today's music and the many flavors of world dance. 

Capturing the worldly, global, and futuristic vibe of New York City and inspired by the dashing diversity of New York’s theater and dance, Tribal Fusion NYC offers both a workout and serious instruction in the popular genre of Tribal Fusion belly dance sparkling with the vibrant urgency of the great metropolis. Created by NYC-based star soloist and instructor Darshan.

A vital feature of the program is an open-level dance workout designed to condition the body while reviewing the basics of bellydance technique and freestyle dance movement. Darshan emphasizes optimal carriage and alignment, and aims at conditioning the muscle groups that produce ease, effortlessness and precision in belly dancing movement. The workout section includes Darshan’s signature torso articulation drills and the upper body flexibility and articulation that makes Tribal Fusion style so distinct.

In the instructional section of the DVD, Darshan introduces an emphasis on styling and expression, as she teaches pacing, restraint, and projecting the mystique of the dance. Darshan teaches four combinations step-by-step and the demonstrates them in one dance sequence easy to follow for practice. The combinations let you explore different substyles of Tribal Fusion Bellydance:

  • Combination 1: Contemporary Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

  • Combination 2: Tribalesque

  • Combination 3: World Tribal Fusion (adding a salsa/samba flair to Tribal Fusion)

  • Combination 4 is offered as a pattern for a contemporary-flair wide-stance switch transition that can be used between combinations.