Belly Dance & Hip-Hop 3-DVD video set

Belly Dance & Hip-Hop 3-DVD video set

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Explore the illusional improvisational street hip-hop dance style, with its extreme fluidity of movement achieved through precise muscle control, creating the illusion of waves traveling through your body.  Then take a look at how fluid hip-hop moves and sharp robotic movement accents mesh with similar dance vocabulary coming from belly dance.  Travel from the pure New York City street hip-hop and house dance of the New York performer known as Future, to the mesmerizing hip-hop-belly dancing fusion of Paris-based belly dance fusion star Anasma. 

On the NYC hip-hop scene since the '80s, Future is one of Anasma's hip-hop teachers.  The two dance styles presented in this collection will expand your creative thinking and give you technique and inspiration to go beyond stylistic boundaries to find your own unique way of self-expression through dance.

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