Bellydance for the Beautiful Freaks, Gothic Belly Dance with Tempest - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

Bellydance for the Beautiful Freaks, Gothic Belly Dance with Tempest - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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For the free spirits and the urban rebels, for Beautiful Freaks of every persuasion who revel in the unusual and the unique, welcome to an offering of self-expression through dance. Join Tempest, a pioneer of Gothic Bellydance in the US, to learn steps and combinations based on the vocabulary of bellydance and adapted to look awesome on a club dancefloor.

Belly dance is an ancient dance of sensuality, body awareness, and cultural blending. In the course of its long history, it has experienced celebration, exaltation, rejection, and ban. It has been worshiped. It has been damned. It has traveled continent to continent and become infused with the wealth of many cultures. If you are looking for a movement style that is different, darkly-exotic and sophisticated, yet feels natural and can be easily modified to fit your individual body language, dance, and clothing style, Belly Dance For Beautiful Freaks will bring you the dance club experience you are seeking - and may inspire you to delve deeper into the world of creative movement.

You can belly dance to any kind of music, from ambient and ethereal to the most pounding hardcore. Whatever mood you need to match, Belly Dance for Beautiful Freaks has the engaging, expressive movements you want. Bellydance is a great way to increase your energy level: Even casual social dancing tones the body -- as well as the mind.

If you are a dancer interested in Raks Gothique, or Gothic Bellydance, welcome home. Captured by a camera lens, may this be a glimpse of the realm where - across age groups and national borders - we share our vision of Gothic Bellydance as both social and performance dance - the beautiful, soul-capturing, inspiring art. Enjoy performances by Tempest, hear her thoughts on projecting our individuality through dance, and reflect on the long path the Beautiful Freaks of the world have traversed to create the dance culture we call our own.

Set to amazing Gothic, Industrial, Dark Cabaret, and Dark Ambient music by Collide, Skinny Puppy, Jill Tracy, and Nox Arcana, this dance exploration pays no tribute to the rules and rhythms of the mundane world. The Beautiful Freak within will feel the heartbeat that resonates in time with yours.

DVD Contents:

Warm-Up (Nox Arcana, “Temple of the Black Pharaoh” - Album: “Necronomicon”) Nox Arcana, “Necronomicon” Slow Combinations I & II: step-by-step instruction and demonstration (Collide, "Halo" remixed by Sensory Gate - Album: “Vortex”) Collide, “Vortex” Skinny Puppy, “The Greater Wrong of the Right” Fast Combinations I & II: step-by-step instruction and demonstration (Skinny Puppy, “I'mmortal” - Album: “The Greater Wrong of the Right”) Capturing the Expression & Essence of Gothic Belly Dance - a mini-workshop Performances by Tempest: 1. “Dark Cabaret” (Jill Tracy, “Evil Night Together” - Album: “Diabolical Streak”) 2. "Salomatra" (Nox Arcana, “Snake Charmer” - Album: “Carnival of Lost Souls”) Jill Tracy, “Diabolical Streak” Nox Arcana, “Carnival of Lost Souls” Resources the Body, Mind, and Soul Bonus performances by Tempest