Belly Dance Tray Balancing: Technique & 3 Choreographies with Neon

Belly Dance Tray Balancing: Technique & 3 Choreographies with Neon

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Balancing an object on one's head is part of traditional dance in many cultures, and an exciting feature of belly dance.  Many bellydance shows feature dancers balancing candelabra, swords, or trays of lit candles.

In Neon's Belly Dance Tray Balancing Technique DVD (Queen of Flowers; Bellydance Surprise), World Dance New York offers instruction in balancing a tray of fresh flowers for an elegant dance to perform as a surprise gift for your friends, family, or guests at a festive cocktail reception, birthday party, wedding, anniversary, sweet 16 party, bridal or baby shower - any celebration.

Balancing is very entertaining, always makes your audience say "wow!", and also offers tremendous health benefits. True balancing is not difficult, and it is one of the best things you can do to improve your posture and spinal health.  Every minute invested in learning to move with an object balanced on your head is a precious investment in strengthening the correct spine-supporting muscle groups, in acquiring more confidence, poise and fluidity in your carriage, and in developing a "dancer's body."

This video instructional program is choreographed and presented by New York dancer Neon, known for her innovative and spectacular balancing acts.

Both the DVD and the streaming video option offer:

1. Three full dance "scripts"/choreographies - basic, intermediate and advanced, combining in three entirely different ways, two exciting dance props: the veil (or a wide scarf) and a tray of flowers.

2. Detailed breakdown of basic and intermediate choreographies;

3. Practice sessions with Neon (concurrent front and back views) for every script, with voiceover count and cues; performance video of all three dances in full costume;

4. Tips for balancing an object on your head; balancing exercises.