"Belly Dance: The Next Level: Transitions, Turns & Layers" DVD

"Belly Dance: The Next Level: Transitions, Turns & Layers" DVD

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Are you ready to take your bellydance to The Next Level?

You’ve mastered the basic movements, and now it’s time to dance! Most of the subtleties and nuances that distinguish an advanced level in the art of belly dance are best learned by repetition-- the optimal way to achieve grace and fluidity, and to reach the comfort level of a professional belly dancer.

The program begins with a warm-up, and continues with the Hipwork and Upper Body Layering sections, each of which flows through variations of the standard isolations and undulations, adding layers such as shimmies and level changes to increase your control and range of motion over time.

Turns can be a challenge, but will bring an exciting and beautiful dimension of movement to your dance performance. Jenna breaks down dynamic and complex turns in a methodical, easy-to-follow manner. The turns are then arranged in another drill that walks you through each turn first, so that, with practice, you will feel completely comfortable adding them to your repertoire.

Jenna’s two original choreographies give you the chance to implement many of the layers, turns, and transitions you’ve practiced in the rest of the program, putting them together into beautiful dances that you can make your own. Add your personal style, express yourself, and have fun!

Bellydance: The Next Level offers more than just the end product of complete dances to perform: By learning the detailed sequences within each dance, your body will automatically become accustomed to the transitions used in bellydance, enabling you to shift smoothly from one move to the next. As these transitions become second nature, you will find yourself bringing new movements and increased confidence to your dance improvisation as well.

The first belly dance choreography, set to an upbeat saiidi-style piece with a short drum solo section, features percussive accents and shimmy layering. The second choreography is a solo oriental piece rich in musicality and filled with delicious details. Jenna performs each dance for you, then breaks down each combination step-by-step with periodic repetitions, finally demonstrating the entire choreography facing the mirror so you can follow along as if you are right there in the studio!

A cool-down is included to gently relax your muscles after belly dancing.