Alternative Modeling: Pinup, Vintage & Fantasy

Alternative Modeling: Pinup, Vintage & Fantasy

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How to be a Pinup Model

Bombshell Basics

Femme Fatale: How To

How to be a Pinup Model: Release your Inner Bombshell is a unique instructional program celebrating vintage style, 1940s fashion, female curves, positive self-image and playful spirit with two outstanding stars of vintage/alternative modeling and burlesque artists Go-Go Amy and Bettina May. 

Alluring vintage pinup girl looks are now at the fingertips of any woman fortunate enough to lay her hands on this treasure chest of hair and makeup tutorials, modeling tricks, styling ideas, and inspirational guidance on 40s and 50s fashion. To quote our instructors, "Pinup modeling is a body-positive experience. Glamour has no age, height, or size requirements. All you need is a good attitude and a little glitter."


In Bombshell Basics, A Pinup Model's Secrets Revealed! -- New York City-based pinup model, stylist, and burlesque star Bettina May shares with you her treasure box of tools, tricks, and secrets for achieving the coveted pinup look from wherever you start - short hair, straight hair, any face or body type. Bettina May focuses on ‘special effects’ you can achieve with the pinup toolbox - from camouflaging imperfections with makeup, pinup girl clothing and vintage lingerie to amplifying facets of your natural beauty.


"Femme Fatale How-To" is a colorful video workshop on creating a personal fantasy image through makeup, hair design, accessories and styling, developed by New York dancer, makeup artist and stylist Jeniviva. Whether you are interested in creating dazzling and mysterious femme fatale looks for creative projects, parties or role play events, or just want to add an extra swirl of imaginative flair to your everyday makeup and styling, Jeniviva's program will enrich your creative and aesthetical vision, offer a treasury of tips and tricks, and encourage you to play, experiment and bring forth the bold and captivating femininity hiding beneath our everyday image.