Advanced Belly Dance DVD 3-DVD set

Advanced Belly Dance DVD 3-DVD set

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Belly Dance Layering DVD

Belly Dance The Next Level DVD

Belly Dance Travel Steps DVD

Created by star belly dancer and acclaimed New York instructor Angelique Hanesworth, Belly Dance Layering - Advanced Technique & Practice video / DVD is designed to help you develop the body control you need to add subtle, sophisticated and visually stunning layered belly dance moves to your dance vocabulary and to perform them with precision and effortlessness.

While belly dance is known primarily for isolations of the hips and upper body, solid footwork technique is essential for travel moves and turns, and to maintain a clean body line and ensure that transitions flow confidently and with grace and ease. Travel Steps, a Movement Catalog presentation, guides you through footwork as both a foundation and a finishing detail, illustrating how elements combine to transform weight changes into full lush belly dancing movements.

You’ve mastered the basic movements, and now it’s time to dance! Bellydance The Next Level begins with a warm-up, and continues with the Hipwork and Upper Body Layering sections, each of which flows through variations of the standard isolations and undulations, adding layers such as shimmies and level changes to increase your control and range of motion over time.Turns can be a challenge, but will bring an exciting and beautiful dimension of movement to your dance performance. Jenna breaks down dynamic and complex turns in a methodical, easy-to-follow manner. Jenna’s two original choreographies give you the chance to implement many of the belly dancing layers, turns, and transitions you’ve practiced in the rest of the video, putting them together into beautiful dances that you can make your own. Add your personal style, express yourself, and have fun!