4-DVD lot, Beginner Dance Sampler Instructional DVDs from World Dance New York


Sample four dance forms for fun or cross-training: classic belly dance, flamenco, Brazilian samba and Bollywood dance.

Dance Today! Belly Dance with Neon! (DVD) 

Learn two dances with Neon - a fluid and sensuous dance set to a slow "ciftetelli" rhythm (beginner level), and a fast and exciting bellydance drum solo (intermediate level)!

Dance Today! Brazilian Samba with Quenia Ribeiro (DVD)

Learn two fun and elegant samba dances with Quenia Ribeiro. The samba style taught in this program is most commonly referred to as “Samba No Pe' from Rio De Janeiro.

Dance Today! Flamenco with Puela Lunaris (DVD)

Learn two beautiful dances with Puela Lunaris — Gypsy Tango and Farruca! More ancient than the Argentine Tango, the Gypsy Tangos are traditionally danced at gypsy weddings and celebrations in Spain. Farruca is a passionate and powerful footwork dance, energizing and full of life. Farruca was one of the first dances to develop within Flamenco as a performing art during the Modernist era.

Bollywood Dance with Jaya Vaswani (DVD) 

This amazing instructional program includes Indian dance hand gestures, Bollywood dance steps, variations, key descriptive words you need to know to discuss this form of dance, and the full technique of expressive body language used in Bollywood dance.  There is a full Bollywood routine, a dance-along section, and more!





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