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Enjoy three different styles of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance: The West Coast Indigo-style Tribal Fusion of Rachel Brice; the East Coast Tribal style of Sera Solstice, and the bi-coastal Fluid Tribal style of Fayzah.  Each of these DVD programs offers a muscle-conditioning technique warmup/practice, movement drills, and dance combinations (breakdown and practice).  Learn from three amazing instructors with unique performance and instructional styles.  Treat yourself to stylistic discoveries and fall in love with Tribal Fusion Belly Dance three times!

Serpentine: Belly Dance with Rachel Brice (DVD)

Lunar Belly Dance: East Coast Tribal, With Sera Solstice (DVD) 

Fluid Tribal Belly Dance with Fayzah: Swirling Waves, Fierce Isolations, Hits & Breaks (DVD) 

And here are the details about each instructional program.  Preview videos for each program can be viewed on YouTube or at World Dance New York

Serpentine: Belly Dance with Rachel Brice

Serpentine is a unique blend of yoga conditioning, belly dance technique drills, choreography and mini-classes designed by Rachel Brice, star performer and instructor of contemporary belly dance, whose technique, artistic style, and warm personality contributed to the rise of Tribal Fusion belly dance.

Rachel's instructional method offers you tools to achieve precision of isolations, deep full-range movement, as well as flexibility and strength that will give you the sinuous serpentine grace characteristic of Rachel's own dance style. Her drills, combinations and yoga sessions are designed to help you establish your own regular dance practice, customized to fit your creative goals and lifestyle.

The two main sections of Serpentine are 1. Technique and 2. Choreography & Classes.

The Technique section opens with "Yoga for Belly Dance", carefully crafted to enhance your strength and flexibility, qualities crucial for relaxed, effortless dance. A veteran yoga instructor with many years of practice, training, and yoga teaching experience, Rachel Brice leads you in a beautiful flow of classic yoga postures and stretches. She teaches yoga in the Viniyoga tradition as transmitted by Gary Kraftsow and the faculty of the American Viniyoga Institute, LLC.

The Yoga is followed by three drills sessions: Leg Strengthening Drills, including a variety of travel and level-change exercises, and mini-combinations.

Isolation Drills (shoulders, torso, and pelvis) where you practice belly dance isolations and then layer each one on 4 footwork patterns; and the Shimmy Drill, a delightful high-energy non-stop shimmy practice with Rachel's signature shimmy layering. The Technique section ends with a Finishing Yoga Practice.

Rachel's Choreography & Classes section features two choreographies; A fast and playful dance set to music of progressively increasing tempo, and a flowing slow dance including backbends and fluid serpentine movement punctuated with elegant accents. Each choreography is performed in costume and then demonstrated from the back with Rachel facing the mirror. Rachel teaches you the combinations for each choreography step-by-step with practice first at a slower pace, and then the faster. A special DVD feature offers practice loops for each combination.

To promote correct and safe backbending technique, Rachel Brice teaches a mini-class on the biomechanics of backward bending, and leads you in the "Yoga for Backward Bending" practice designed to increase the flexibility and the range of motion in your back and develop a strong habit for proper muscle support when executing backbends.

Additional classes and materials include: Yoga Breathing; arm and footwork patterns to be used during the drills; basics of the 10-point dance posture; and two performances by Rachel Brice.


Lunar Belly Dance: East Coast Tribal, With Sera Solstice (DVD) 

Lunar Belly Dance, created by the trend-setting star of tribal belly dance Sera Solstice, develops and extends the East Coast Tribal belly dance style with an emphasis on infusing movement with meaning, breathing holistic intent and emotive projection into dance technique while cultivating dynamic, graceful, and visually high-impact movement.

Lunar Belly Dance interprets and teaches dance as language. Even the basic movements are introduced as units of meaning that fit into phrases and prompt the release of expressivity. Each movement holds an opportunity for the dancer to open, unfold, search within, process, and let go, connecting to a deeper self and to her true desires, learning to love herself and ultimately strengthening the link between self and movement.

Lunar is of the night, of the inner-self. Lunar is often fluid, isolated and ethereal. It is the dance of self-healing, self-knowledge, self-love, of inner-searching, dreamwork, and magic.

The program opens with the East Coast Tribal Essential Movement Practice, including warmup, technique review, and meditation. The flow of movement continues with the Essential Lunar Armwork section and the signature East Coast Tribal Essential Hipwork, and then culminates with footwork, hipwork, and undulations movement drills that prepare you for the 4 combinations taught later in the program. An extended movement flow is the key element of the Solstice method of daily muscle conditioning and deep technique work. You will enjoy non-stop movement to evocative cutting-edge world music electronica.

The four elemental movement combinations - Air, Fire, Water, and Earth - are demonstrated by Sera and the Solstice Ensemble - first at a slow tempo, and then up to speed. In addition, Sera offers a detailed breakdown of each step. A practice flow section allows you to join Sera and the dancers of the Solstice Ensemble in multiple repetitions of all four combinations.

Experience the community of Sera's Solstice Studio in New York City...


Fluid Tribal Belly Dance with Fayzah: Swirling Waves, Fierce Isolations, Hits & Breaks (DVD)

Fluid Tribal Belly Dance explores the technique and styling of Tribal Fusion with an emphasis on musicality and fluidity of movement. The program is created by Fayzah, a New York star of Tribal Fusion belly dance known for her rich, graceful, and eloquent style characterized by a powerful fluidity, her innovative dance vocabulary and the integration of diverse fusion dance elements.

Many Fluid Tribal moves are inspired by the organic motion found in nature - the wave-like and shimmering movement of animals and marine creatures, and their ability to instantly switch between a tension-charged steady glide, a sudden freeze, a burst of explosive motion, and complete softness and release. Fayzah’s instruction focuses on precise muscle control and on layering Tribal Fusion moves to create intricate yet streamlined patterns of undulating flow punctuated by percussive breaks, syncopations, and tempo changes.

The main sections of the program are:

Tribal Fusion Foundation Movement

Concepts, Layered and Advanced Moves


Performing Tribal Fusion with Finger Cymbals

Tribal Fusion Music Flavors

The Tribal Fusion Foundation Movement section reviews the core dance vocabulary of Tribal Fusion, including turns, abdominal isolations, popping, waving, glute accents, hip drop patterns, and much more.

The Concepts, Layered and Advanced Moves section assembles fluid moves, turns and accents into combinations weaving together footwork, hipwork, and upper body movement. It includes moves based on stop and release, twist kicks, hipwork combined with chest stops, and various fluid and percussive walks and turns combinations. To commit Fluid Tribal technique to your muscle memory, Fayzah offers “Movement Play,” a non-stop practice flow that reviews the combinations introduced in the previous sections.

In the Choreography section Fayzah breaks down combination-by-combination a Tribal Fusion choreography to the song “Bounty Killa” by BreakBeatBuddha. The choreography is at an intermediate-to-advanced level and features many techniques and transitions that will enrich and polish your individual dance style.

Two special sections of Fayzah’s program are dedicated to musicality in Tribal Fusion: Techniques and tips for playing zills during Tribal Fusion performances, and Tribal Fusion Music flavors. In Tribal Fusion Music Flavors Fayzah performs three improvisations to different pieces of music and comments on how she adapts her dance style to match the rhythmic structure and emotive color of different music flavors.


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