3-DVD lot, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Instructional DVDs - World Dance New York

3-DVD lot, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Instructional DVDs - World Dance New York

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This mini-collection of Tribal Fusion belly dance instruction on DVD includes programs by two artists who contributed early to the shaping of the West Cost Tribal Fusion style, two co-founders of the Indigo dance company - Rachel Brice and Ariellah -- and a program by New York-based Sera Solstice, founder of the East Coast Tribal style of belly dance. 

While the Tribal Fusion style is firmly associated with the work of Rachel Brice, the unique stylistic contribution from Ariellah was the introduction of hip-hop-style pops, locks, and other robotic moves to bellydance.  This eventually became a signature trait of the Indigo style of Tribal Fusion.  

Sera Solstice has profoundly influenced the look of modern Tribal Fusion, focusing on full-body fluid moves borrowed from martial arts and modern dance, taking the focus away from playing with isolations to telling a story through an organic blend of dance forms.

All three programs offer technique breakdown sections, drills, and choreography, as well as yoga-based muscle-conditioning workouts.  All three have elements of beginner-level movement breakdown (Ariellah's DVD is especially great for beginners), as well as intermediate, and advanced-level techniques and combinations.

Serpentine: Belly Dance with Rachel Brice (DVD)

Contemporary Belly Dance & Yoga Conditioning, with Ariellah (DVD)

East Coast Tribal Belly Dance: Basics, Combinations & Strength Workout, with Sera Solstice (DVD)