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This mini-collection of Tribal Fusion belly dance instruction on DVD includes programs by two artists who contributed early to the shaping of the West Cost Tribal Fusion style, two co-founders of the Indigo dance company - Rachel Brice and Ariellah -- and a program by New York-based Sera Solstice, founder of the East Coast Tribal style of belly dance. 

While the Tribal Fusion style is firmly associated with the work of Rachel Brice, the unique stylistic contribution from Ariellah was the introduction of hip-hop-style pops, locks, and other robotic moves to bellydance.  This eventually became a signature trait of the Indigo style of Tribal Fusion.  

Sera Solstice has profoundly influenced the look of modern Tribal Fusion, focusing on full-body fluid moves borrowed from martial arts and modern dance, taking the focus away from playing with isolations to telling a story through an organic blend of dance forms.

All three programs offer technique breakdown sections, drills, and choreography, as well as yoga-based muscle-conditioning workouts.  All three have elements of beginner-level movement breakdown (Ariellah's DVD is especially great for beginners), as well as intermediate, and advanced-level techniques and combinations.

Serpentine: Belly Dance with Rachel Brice (DVD)

Contemporary Belly Dance & Yoga Conditioning, with Ariellah (DVD)

East Coast Tribal Belly Dance: Basics, Combinations & Strength Workout, with Sera Solstice (DVD) 

And here are the details about each instructional program.  Preview videos for each program can be viewed on YouTube or at World Dance New York's own website.

Serpentine: Belly Dance with Rachel Brice (DVD)

Serpentine is a unique blend of yoga conditioning, belly dance technique drills, choreography and mini-classes designed by Rachel Brice, star performer and instructor of contemporary belly dance, whose technique, artistic style, and warm personality contributed to the rise of Tribal Fusion belly dance.

Rachel's instructional method offers you tools to achieve precision of isolations, deep full-range movement, as well as flexibility and strength that will give you the sinuous serpentine grace characteristic of Rachel's own dance style. Her drills, combinations and yoga sessions are designed to help you establish your own regular dance practice, customized to fit your creative goals and lifestyle.

The two main sections of Serpentine are 1. Technique and 2. Choreography & Classes.

The Technique section opens with "Yoga for Belly Dance", carefully crafted to enhance your strength and flexibility, qualities crucial for relaxed, effortless dance. A veteran yoga instructor with many years of practice, training, and yoga teaching experience, Rachel Brice leads you in a beautiful flow of classic yoga postures and stretches. She teaches yoga in the Viniyoga tradition as transmitted by Gary Kraftsow and the faculty of the American Viniyoga Institute, LLC.

The Yoga is followed by three drills sessions: Leg Strengthening Drills, including a variety of travel and level-change exercises, and mini-combinations.

Isolation Drills (shoulders, torso, and pelvis) where you practice belly dance isolations and then layer each one on 4 footwork patterns; and the Shimmy Drill, a delightful high-energy non-stop shimmy practice with Rachel's signature shimmy layering. The Technique section ends with a Finishing Yoga Practice.

Rachel's Choreography & Classes section features two choreographies; A fast and playful dance set to music of progressively increasing tempo, and a flowing slow dance including backbends and fluid serpentine movement punctuated with elegant accents. Each choreography is performed in costume and then demonstrated from the back with Rachel facing the mirror. Rachel teaches you the combinations for each choreography step-by-step with practice first at a slower pace, and then the faster. A special DVD feature offers practice loops for each combination.

To promote correct and safe backbending technique, Rachel Brice teaches a mini-class on the biomechanics of backward bending, and leads you in the "Yoga for Backward Bending" practice designed to increase the flexibility and the range of motion in your back and develop a strong habit for proper muscle support when executing backbends.

Additional classes and materials include: Yoga Breathing; arm and footwork patterns to be used during the drills; basics of the 10-point dance posture; and two performances by Rachel Brice.


Contemporary Belly Dance & Yoga Conditioning, with Ariellah (DVD) 

Created by Ariellah, star performer and instructor of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Contemporary Bellydance and Yoga Conditioning combines three vital components of belly dance training: a physical conditioning regimen to develop flexibility and strength; two sets of belly dance technique drills - basic and advanced - for improved muscle control and precision in executing belly dance isolations; a sequence of contemporary belly dance combinations complete with transitions to form an elegant and evocative modern choreography.

Whichever form of belly dance you choose, this training system lays a solid foundation.

The flexibility and muscle conditioning section of the program consists of 3 yoga sessions that can be used as a warmup/cooldown or as a stand-alone daily yoga practice:

  • Short yoga warmup (8 min.)
  • Full yoga warmup (20 min.)
  • Yoga cool down (8 min.)

The Yoga sessions focus on building lower body strength and opening the hips to achieve ease and precision in belly  dance hipwork. A number of exercises open the chest and increase back flexibility to enhance torso isolations and make dance movement sinuous and fluid.

Belly dance technique drills (75 min.) include hipwork, upper body work, combined hips/upper body isolations and arms/hips coordination. They also include adding level changes to torso isolations and layering hipwork on traveling steps.

The style of Ariellah's choreographic work is contemporary Tribal Fusion belly dance. She breaks down 6 combinations, step-by-step, consisting of multiple movements and transitions. The combination sequence forms a choreography, practiced to two different songs, to encourage creative adaptation of steps and transitions set to music.

The performance section offers 3 spectacular Tribal Fusion / Gothic belly dance performance pieces.

The program is set to ethereal ambient and club music with a flavor of magic and dark mystery, including tracks by Assemblage 23, Die Form, Knossos, Lumin, Soil and Eclipse, Solace and Stellamara.


East Coast Tribal Belly Dance: Basics, Combinations & Strength Workout, with Sera Solstice (DVD) 

East Coast Tribal Belly Dance blends sensual, fluid movement with sharp percussive accents evoking the flair of urban modernity. It resonates with exotic echoes of the world's ancient dances and bears a touch of the dark cyber-age mystique.

The East Coast Tribal Belly Dance instructional and muscle-conditioning program is designed by Sera, an acclaimed performer of Tribal fusion belly dance, and sought-after instructor with a superb systematic and effective teaching method. Sera's primary form of creative expression is through Tribal styles of belly dance. Her movements are rooted in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, drawing from ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and ATS (American Tribal Style) to make the blend she calls East Coast Tribal.

Sera's Warmup and Drills programs combine fluid movements and percussive hipwork of belly dance in a way that promotes muscle strength, tone and elongation - the basis for a beautiful body line and effortless grace, both in dance and in everyday life. These sections will take you though series of upper and lower body isolations, help you ingrain in your muscle memory the precision of belly dance technique, and develop muscle control that will convert into a mesmerizing fluid dance as you are learning the East Coast Tribal combinations.

The step-by-step instructional section breaks down essential belly dance movements and assembles them into 6 combinations. The combinations can be practiced and performed individually or as a whole. They come together into a seamless choreographed sequence with a wonderful flow of energy and an amazing expressivity.


* Warmup (20 min.)
Sera & Solstice Dance Ensemble

* Hipwork drills (10 min.)
Sera & Solstice Dance Ensemble

* Combinations Demonstration & Practice (5 min.) 
-6 combinations performed as one dance sequence
Sera & Solstice Dance Ensemble

* 6 Combinations: Step-by-Step instruction (45 min.) - Sera

* Performance by Sera (5 min)


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