3-DVD lot, Sensual Belly Dance Beginners Instructional DVDs from World Dance NY

3-DVD lot, Sensual Belly Dance Beginners Instructional DVDs from World Dance NY

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As a form of body language, dance speaks the truth of your thoughts and feelings. In belly dance, sensuality has always been one of the most highly prized qualities.  Aware of your sensual joy, your audience instantly knows that you are "comfortable with your body" and enjoying yourself.  This allows the gift of your dance to be experienced on a higher, richer level.

Sensuality is not a special talent or skill—it is present in all of us.  The task is to discover it, cultivate it, and translate it from an internal state to an expressive, easy-to-understand language of dance movement.

This collection of instructional DVDs places an emphasis is on meaningful, evocative and sensual movement you can learn from the start.  What makes your movement sensual, and what makes it sexy?  Find out!  You will see and try dozens of moves and learn to modulate the flavors of your dance, such as sensuality, playfulness, classiness, as well as its emotional range and depth.

Neon's Sensual Goddess DVD includes detailed breakdown of classic belly dance moves, graceful combinations and a choreographed dance. In addition, you will learn evocative poses, gestures and arm patterns that make your dance sensual and beautiful - the dance body language that will breathe meaning and emotional appeal into your dance.  These elements can be performed without knowing any belly dance steps and used in any form of dance.

The core of Blanca's Sensual Belly Dance DVD is the Sensual Belly Dance Flow [beginner-intermediate] - sequences of steps building from simple isolated moves to layered moves.  Sensuality is translated into dance through "connectedness" — the wave-like echoing and interweaving of movements.  A special section of sensual poses and fluid transitions is designed to improve your pacing.  The last section includes a step-by-step breakdown, and demonstration of Blanca's "Venus" choreography.

Neon's Body Language of Belly Dance DVD is a catalog of sensual poses, gestures, arm patterns, hand flourishes, and accents used in belly dance. These are the elements of expressivity you add to dance steps to infuse them with meaning and emotional color, make them evocative, and tell a story.  You will quickly find yourself stringing poses and gestures together to transform separate elements into the body language phrases that make belly dance speak.

Sensual Goddess - Belly Dance for Beginners, with Neon (TWO-DVD SET) 

Sensual Belly Dance, with Blanca (DVD) 

The Body Language of Belly Dance: A Choreographer's  Movement Catalog, by Neon (DVD)