3-DVD lot, Bellydance Fitness Style Sampler DVDs from World Dance New York

3-DVD lot, Bellydance Fitness Style Sampler DVDs from World Dance New York

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Two classic belly dance based instructional workouts and one workout coming from the realm of Tribal Fusion.

Neon's "Love Potion" is a muscle-conditioning and sculpting workout made of 100% belly dance steps and designed to give you a true dance experience through sequences of real dance combinations set to rich, evocative music. It is a non-stop movement program.

Sarah Skinner's "Shimmy Workout" focuses on belly dance shimmy, the indispensable element of belly dance aesthetics, and offers a different format - sequences of combinations with stretch sessions in between.

Irina's "Belly Dance Tribal Fusion Workout" lets you practice strong isolations, muscular movements, and sharp locks of Tribal Fusion, as well as graceful and expressive arm patterns.  Irina introduces these elements gradually, in layers, making it easy to grasp and practice even challenging and sophisticated movement.

All three workouts are open level, if you are familiar with basic belly dance moves.  If you are a total beginner you may want to watch the 50-min. instructional section in "Love Potion" first, and do the 50-min. practice flow for beginners included in the "Love Potion" DVD.  The practice flow will help you rehearse the basic moves before attempting them in the context of bellydance combinations.

If you are a dancer, don't hesitate to buy our workout programs in a cross-style manner - classic belly dance and Tribal Fusion: The benefits of practicing "the other" style are huge.  You will improve your performance in the style of your choice, your expressivity and expand your creative horizons.  These workouts will serve you both as movement drill sessions for daily or weekly practice, and in achieving your fitness and weight loss goals.

Love Potion: The Belly Dance Workout (DVD)

The Belly Dance Shimmy Workout (DVD)

The Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workout (DVD)