3-DVD lot, Belly Dance Workouts in Neon's format: Great DVDs from World Dance NY


Three popular bellydance workouts created by the New York-based star of bellydance, Neon. 

Luscious - The Belly Dance Workout for Beginners (DVD) 

Love Potion - The Belly Dance Work Out (DVD)

Hard Candy - The Belly Dance Workout (DVD)

Luscious is the 'easiest,' but Love Potion and Hard Candy include beginner practice flows that encourage you to work on belly dance moves outside of combinations.  All workouts are 100% classic belly dance: Beautiful combinations you can use in you social dancing and even in belly dance performanceGreat for dancers of all levels as daily or weekly practice for muscle conditioning.  All three have a detailed step-by-step instructional section for beginners. 

Neon believes that when we approach dance as a form of fitness, it should retain its artistic and evocative nature and rich continuous texture.  She created her dance fitness format focusing on dance combinations as a unit, never 'drilling' moves out of the context.  Each combination - even if it is only 3-4 steps - is a mini-poem...a story...a toy to play with.

And here are the details about each instructional program.  Preview videos for each program can be viewed on YouTube or at World Dance New York's own website.

Luscious - The Belly Dance Workout for Beginners (DVD) 

Lavish and overflowing with deep, rich, feminine movement, Luscious: The Belly Dance Workout is made of 100% of belly dance moves and steps It is gentle, but it will work your body to enhance your muscle tone, flexibility, and fluidity, and promote weight loss. With a special focus on muscle conditioning and elongation, the program works each group of muscles deeply - using carefully built combinations to switch between muscle groups and add intensity to the workout.

Luscious: The Belly Dance Workout features gorgeous music and a beautiful flow undiluted by conventional exercises. Systematically addressing each group of muscles to deliver a total body workout, it creates an entertaining and aesthetically fulfilling dance experience inspiring you to do your best in executing each move with the proper depth, range of motion, and articulation.

A true dance experience as much as a fitness experience, Luscious is beginner level, but it offers you a perspective of challenge and growth. The workout consists of 7 sections, each building consistently upon the dance vocabulary covered in the previous sections through its own series of combinations. The combinations include classic belly dance transitions between steps to help you create the muscle memory to ingrain dance in your body.

Luscious is an "instructional workout." It introduces the dance vocabulary in a careful, systematic way and contains an extensive tutorial section breaking down each move used in the workout.

If this is one of your first steps in belly dance, this program will be a fun introduction to all the basic groups of belly dance moves and transitions. If you are a dancer, it’s a great way to practice the core of the belly dance technique and vocabulary through functional drills performed in the context of dance combinations and transitions creating an extra layer of muscle memory that isolated drills do not provide.

Workout duration - 45 min.

Tutorial section - 50 min.

The Circles section explores circular belly dance moves. It follows a slow-to-moderate tempo, working both the lower and upper body through isolations.

Next is the Infinity Loops section. Together with the stretching and toning impact of every move in this section, infinity loops are the ultimate exercise in fluidity.

Undulations maintain flexibiilty of your spine and help develop deep awareness of your core. They are also a challenging full-body muscle-conditioning exercise.

The belly dance hipwork section exercises your thighs, glutes, and abdominal muscles. In the Hip Accents section we’ll perform traditional belly dance hip moves and then weave them together with the fluid movements: circles, infinity loops and undulations. Hipwork is what gives bellydance such vibrancy and party appeal - these steps look great on any dance floor.

The Shimmy - that effortless shaking of the hips - is actually hard work! Join us to shake your way through a few styles of shimmy, and enjoy the wide range of shimmy flavors.

The Body Line section is built of moves involving your total body. It shifts focus from working individual body parts to dance steps that offer the most stretching and give you a dancerly posture and carriage.

The last section is a short dance routine choreographed entirely of the belly dance moves featured in the workout.


Love Potion - The Belly Dance Work Out (DVD) 

The Love Potion Belly Dance Workout combines dance fitness with dance instruction. The program consists of three sections: The Love Potion Workout - 40 min. Practice Flow for beginners - 50 min. Tutorial section for beginners - 50 min.

Love Potion is a muscle-conditioning and sculpting workout made of 100% belly dance steps and designed to give you a true dance experience through sequences of real dance combinations set to rich, evocative music. It is a non-stop movement program: The step-by-step technique instruction is offered in a separate 50-minute Tutorial section. Exploring all major areas of the belly dance vocabulary, the Love Potion dance movement combinations are introduced gradually; each section of the workout adds new material and builds on the steps and combinations featured in previous sections.

Love Potion is choreographed to express the music as real dance. It teaches real dance skills, never sacrificing the artistic and expressive nature of belly dance movement. The technique instruction and practice woven into the workout will benefit dancers of all levels. You will work through all types of coordination and muscle control used in belly dance and practice the techniques that create the look of depth and connectedness in dance movement.

A Tutorial section explains the mechanics of every move: You will learn the core belly dance vocabulary, and develop beautiful form, muscle control and precise technique. Each step is explained in detail, and followed by an option to practice it with music in the corresponding section from the Practice Flow at first a slow and then a faster tempo.

The Practice Flow is a separate beginner-level program that introduces and drills each belly dance step and all the major Love Potion combinations. This section features 50-minutes of non-stop dance practice. It moves at a slower pace than the Love Potion workout and offers more repetitions of individual moves before developing them into combinations.

As a fitness program Love Potion will help define and elongate the muscles of your abs, thighs, and hips, strengthen the muscles of your upper and lower back, increase your flexibility and the fluidity of your dance and regular daily movement. This program pays special attention to the muscle groups responsible for giving you a confident, graceful carriage. It will stretch, release and strengthen your muscles providing a good base for healthy and graceful posture - both in dance and in your everyday life.

The Love Potion workout and the Practice Flow have 2 soundtrack options:

  • with voice cues
  • with music only.

The last section of the workout extends the Love Potion combinations into a choreographed dance. Enjoy the Love Potion!


Hard Candy - The Belly Dance Workout (DVD)

Hard Candy, The Belly Dance Workout is two candies in one wrapper: A fitness experience with an artistic edge, and a dance learning experience with powerful fitness benefits.  It's "hard" only if you are a total beginner in belly dance, but don't worry: We soften it up for you by teaching every move, step-by-step, in a complete Belly Dance Basics Tutorial section.

Hard Candy is a three-part program:

  • The 40-minute Hard Candy Workout
  • A 55-minute Belly Dance Basics Tutorial, breaking down every move used in the program in complete detail
  • A 45-minute Beginners' Practice Flow: A non-stop practice-to-the-music for every step you learned in the Belly Dance Basics Tutorial section. The Beginners' Practice Flow moves at a slower pace than the Hard Candy Workout, offering more repetitions of individual moves before developing them into combinations.

Hard Candy: The Belly Dance Workout is a toning, sculpting and muscle-conditioning workout (not a cardio program) focusing on the hips, thighs, lower body, and waist.  It consists of 100% belly dance steps. Undiluted by any non-dance fitness movement, Hard Candy retains the full aesthetics, rich textures, and musicality of belly dance.

The Hard Candy Workout is made of sequences of belly dance combinations built gradually from basic steps and interwoven to give you a real dance experience. They follow the music just like real dance, reflecting the flow of melody, rhythm, and percussive accents.

The first section of the Beginners' Practice Flow offers a breakdown and practice of all footwork patterns used in the program. The closing section of the Hard Candy Workout is a review of combinations taught in the previous sections.

Both the Hard Candy Workout and the Hard Candy Beginners' Practice Flow are offered with two soundtrack options:

  • With voice cues
  • With music only   -0-

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