3-DVD lot, Bestseller Belly Dance Workouts in Neon's format

3-DVD lot, Bestseller Belly Dance Workouts in Neon's format

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Three popular bellydance workouts created by the New York-based star of bellydance, Neon. 

Luscious - The Belly Dance Workout for Beginners (DVD) 

Love Potion - The Belly Dance Work Out (DVD)

Hard Candy - The Belly Dance Workout (DVD)

Luscious is the 'easiest,' but Love Potion and Hard Candy include beginner practice flows that encourage you to work on belly dance moves outside of combinations.  All workouts are 100% classic belly dance: Beautiful combinations you can use in you social dancing and even in belly dance performanceGreat for dancers of all levels as daily or weekly practice for muscle conditioning.  All three have a detailed step-by-step instructional section for beginners. 

Neon believes that when we approach dance as a form of fitness, it should retain its artistic and evocative nature and rich continuous texture.  She created her dance fitness format focusing on dance combinations as a unit, never 'drilling' moves out of the context.  Each combination - even if it is only 3-4 steps - is a mini-poem...a story...a toy to play with.

Follow the links above for the details about each instructional program.  Preview videos for each program can be viewed on YouTube or at World Dance New York's own website.