3-DVD lot, Belly Dance - Specialty Genres Instructional DVDs From World Dance NY

3-DVD lot, Belly Dance - Specialty Genres Instructional DVDs From World Dance NY

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Study special genres and skills required for well-rounded artistry in belly dance - dancing with zils, with a veil, and performing to a belly dance drum solo.

The Heartbeat of Belly Dance, with Jenna (DVD) 

A belly dance drum solo is actually a duet: Together, a dancer and a drummer create a unique piece of performance art.  For the dancer, the drum solo is a uniquely exciting experience demanding a profound understanding of rhythmic patterns and a wide vocabulary of bellydance moves and accents, all necessary to enable her to interact at will with the music created by the drummer.  Jenna's program includes a 'Rhythm Workshop' with Raquy Danziger, where Raquy breaks apart eight popular bellydance rhythms: baladi, saiidi, maksoum, masmoudi, ciftetelli, malfouf, ayub, & semai, and a Choreography Workshop where Jenna takes you step-by-step through THREE belly dance drum solo choreographies.

Belly Dance with Veil, by Sarah Skinner (DVD)

Veil dance is one of the most glamorous and visually stunning genres of bellydance. Its expressive language conveys a wide range of moods - mysterious, romantic, celebratory, spiritual, meditative... Belly Dance with Veil, created by New York City bellydance star Sarah Skinner, is an instructional open-level program teaching the technique of veil dance from the basics of veil manipulation to the nuances of carriage, body lines, and tips for achieving an effortless, flawless performance.


Belly Dance with Zils, by Elsa Leandros (DVD)  

 Together with the amazing doumbek player Raquy Danziger, Elsa demonstrates the 7 most popular bellydance rhythms: baladi, saidi, maksoum, masmoudi, ciftetelli (slow Arabic-style and fast Turkish-style), karsilama (9/8), and gypsy-style karsilama. Elsa and Raquy alternate demonstrating the rhythms on doumbek and zils, offering a clear comparison of how zils and drum each interpret the rhythms.

Elsa moves step-by-step through the logistics and foundations of zil-playing for dancers, including her technique of alternating hands in interpreting rhythms on the zils (compared to designating a leading vs supporting hand.) Next, Elsa breaks down each of the 7 rhythms as interpreted on the zils and offers exercises to develop speed and freedom of hand and arm movement while playing zils.