3-DVD lot, Belly Dance Fitness Sampler: Workout DVDs from World Dance New York


Three belly dance fitness & instruction programs for beginners!  Work on your dance technique and expressivity while enjoying a moderate continuous workout great for weight loss, toning, and muscle conditioning.  All three programs in this bunch are classic belly dance, made 100% from true belly dance moves, and presented through sequences of real dance combinations you can use in performance or dancing socially.

Luscious: The Belly Dance Workout for Beginners 

Silk - The Belly Dance Veil Workout, with Tanna Valentine (DVD) 

The Belly Dance Shimmy Workout, with Sarah Skinner (DVD) 

Neon's "Luscious" is a fun introduction to all the basic groups of belly dance moves and transitions.  If you are a dancer, it’s a great way to practice the core of belly dance technique and its dance vocabulary through functional drills performed in the context of dance combinations.

Sarah Skinner's "Shimmy Workout" focuses on shimmy, an essential skill of classic belly dance, with endless variations in types of shimmy, shimmy techniques, and intricate ways of using the shimmy in dance.

"Silk" by Tanna Valentine lets you play with the genre of veil dance.  With rich, evocative music and a comprehensive array of veil dance steps and tricks, the Silk Workout will quickly have veil moves ingrained in your muscle memory while offering you a relaxing and uplifting dance experience perfect for regular practice. 







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