3-DVD lot, Absolute Beginner Belly Dance Instructional DVDs from World Dance NY

3-DVD lot, Absolute Beginner Belly Dance Instructional DVDs from World Dance NY

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Learning belly dance is an amazing personal makeover experience welcoming women of any age, size or shape. It infuses your everyday movement with sensual flair and confidence, helps you rediscover and enjoy the power of femininity and the seductive grace woven by nature into the curves of your body. The three programs in this lot will help you make fast progress and enjoy every step of your dance journey.

Neon's Belly Dance: First Steps for Total Beginners DVD is a step-by-step belly dance instruction program that takes you from basic moves to graceful and sensual belly dance combinations in a continuous movement format. This means that all the instruction is done while you are moving with the music. The program consists of 48 2-3 min. segments systematically teaching all major types of belly dance steps.  Each segment breaks down, explains and drills a basic belly dance move and an easy-to-grasp  combination that shows how to use it. 

Jenna's Belly Dance Basics & Beyond DVD uses a traditional format of breaking down movements and then offering practice sessions to rehearse basics steps and simple combinations. Jenna's method of building every move from the smallest and most basic elements up, ensures that they are performed with effortless grace.

Autumn's Belly Dance - Beautiful Technique from Step One DVD  is an in-depth instructional program for beginners designed to give you a master-level understanding of the basics. The program teaches belly dance technique and vocabulary with an emphasis on creating a polished, finished look for each individual step from the very start. Autumn teaches each group of dance steps three different ways: technique, practice flows, and choreography.

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