3-DVD lot, Belly Dance Workouts: Neon's Format #2

3-DVD lot, Belly Dance Workouts: Neon's Format #2

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Created by Neon, New York City-based star of classic bellydance and dance fitness guru, Piece of Cake - The Bellydance Workout for Beginners is a 1-hour-and-20-minute dance fitness and instruction experience that will refresh your body and mind with graceful, evocative, sensual movement, and wash away fatigue and anxiety. It will help tone your lower body and your arms and give you that lifted, confident carriage. Neon believes that, as a form of fitness, dance should retain its artistic and evocative nature and rich continuous texture.  She created her dance fitness format focusing on dance combinations as a unit, never 'drilling' moves out of the context.  Each combination - even if it is only 3-4 steps - is a mini-poem... a story... a toy to play with.

 Liquid Gold: Fluid Bellydance Moves Workout is designed to perfect your technique in executing fluid bellydance moves, enhance your dance vocabulary by working with a wide range of combinations and transitions, and to give you an engaging non-stop movement workout flow with a solid sculpting, toning, and flexibility-increasing potential. This program is open level - dancers of any skill level or experience will benefit from practicing with Neon to increase their fluidity. Fluidity is one of the essential components of grace. Without grace dance is reduced to aerobics.

The Bellydance Rhythms Workout is a blend of dance fitness and dance instruction. It offers two non-stop 40-minute movement flows - the workouts - and two tutorial sections, beginner and intermediate. In the movement flows Neon provides a full body workout that’s great for toning and weight loss, and for enhancing your natural grace and flexibility. Each workout flow features a wide variety of classic bellydance moves assembled into 20 beginner and 20 intermediate bellydance drum solo combinations. Each combination is repeated as a drill: Beginner - slowly 12 times and at a real dance tempo 8 times; Intermediate - slowly 8 times and at a real dance tempo 12 times. You will review each rhythm section and the entire 20-combination sequence in a way that creates an experience very close to actually performing them in a dance show.

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