2-DVD+CD lot, American Cabaret Belly Dance Instructional DVDs - World Dance NY

2-DVD+CD lot, American Cabaret Belly Dance Instructional DVDs - World Dance NY

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 A classic belly dance show in the “American Cabaret” tradition consists of 6 parts: entrance, veil dance, party dance, ciftetelli with or without floorwork, drum solo, and finale. This bunch of products will help you learn every genre of belly dance that is traditionally included in the American Cabaret show and to practice them in a 6-minute mini-show and in a 30-minute workout, both of which follow the layout of a typical cabaret belly dance show. In addition, you will have a collection of traditional cabaret belly dance songs, as well as drum solos and taksims recorded by veterans of New York's City's Middle Eastern Music scene.

Belly Dance Show Basics is a 3-hour instructional program that will introduce you to the full set of skills needed to perform a classic belly dance show. The program includes breakdown and practice of the basic belly dance vocabulary of steps, but the main focus is on learning how to put the show together and make it great.

Cocktail: The Classic Cabaret Belly Dance Workout is a dance-based fitness program that follows the cabaret belly dance show format: An uptempo opening, a moderate-paced lyrical section, a dynamic party-style dance, an expressive and sultry slow cifte-telli, an upbeat sparkling drum solo, and a brief finale. This cycle is repeated twice in the course of the workout to two different soundtracks of classic bellydance music, with the second cycle offering an extra segment featuring the rhythm and steps of Turkish karsilama.

Belly Dance Show Basics for Beginners, with Tanna 

Cocktail: The Classic Cabaret Belly Dance Workout, with Tanna 

Belly Dance New York by Amir Naoum (CD)