The Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workout with Irina Akulenko - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

The Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workout with Irina Akulenko - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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Created by Irina, New York City-based star of Tribal Fusion belly dance, The Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workout features a series of drills and combinations designed to condition and tone the muscles of your lower and upper body, and enhance your Tribal Fusion dance technique through continuous practice of a wide range of Tribal Fusion Style moves, accents, and transitions.

Tribal Fusion belly dance is known for its strong isolations, muscular movements, and sharp locks, as well as graceful and expressive arm patterns. Irina introduces these elements gradually, in layers, making it easy to grasp and practice even challenging and sophisticated movement.

The workout consists of three sets of tribal fusion belly dance drills focusing on upper body, lower body, and, lastly, movement sequences engaging the total body and working on upper and lower body coordination. Each set is broken down into several topics and is drilled at an energetic pace. Layers, such as continuous arm patterns, level changes and traveling steps are added onto the basic movements, for an additional challenge.

The Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workout is for belly dancers of all skill levels. Dancers newest to Tribal Fusion Style can focus on the basic forms of Tribal Fusion movement, while the more experienced dancer can enjoy playing with the medley of layers Irina introduces in the final version of each topic.

You can do all three sequences one after the other for a thorough and challenging dance practice, or pick just one or two sets of drills for a targeted muscle conditioning and technique refresher.

The program also includes a yoga warmup and a Technique Breakdown where Irina introduces Tribal Fusion belly dancing moves used in the workout, step-by-step.

The Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workout has two soundtrack options: with voice cues and with music only.

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