Fluid Tribal Belly Dance: Swirling Waves, Isolations, Hits & Breaks INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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Fluid Tribal Belly Dance: Swirling Waves, Isolations, Hits & Breaks INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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Fluid Tribal Belly Dance explores the technique and styling of Tribal Fusion belly dance with an emphasis on musicality and fluidity of movement. The program is created by Fayzah, a New York star of Tribal Fusion belly dance known for her rich, graceful, and eloquent style characterized by a powerful fluidity, her innovative dance vocabulary and the integration of diverse fusion dance elements.

Many Fluid Tribal moves are inspired by the organic motion found in nature - the wave-like and shimmering movement of animals and marine creatures, and their ability to instantly switch between a tension-charged steady glide, a sudden freeze, a burst of explosive motion, and complete softness and release. Fayzah’s instruction focuses on precise muscle control and on layering Tribal Fusion moves to create intricate yet streamlined patterns of undulating flow punctuated by percussive breaks, syncopations, and tempo changes.

The main sections of the program are:

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Foundation Movement

Concepts, Layered and Advanced Moves


Performing Tribal Fusion with Finger Cymbals (Zils)

Tribal Fusion Music Flavors

The Tribal Fusion Foundation Movement section reviews the core dance vocabulary of Tribal Fusion, including turns, abdominal isolations, popping, waving, glute accents, hip drop patterns, and much more.

The Concepts, Layered and Advanced Moves section assembles fluid moves, turns and accents into combinations weaving together footwork, hipwork, and upper body movement. It includes moves based on stop and release, twist kicks, hipwork combined with chest stops, and various fluid and percussive walks and turns combinations. To commit Fluid Tribal technique to your muscle memory, Fayzah offers “Movement Play,” a non-stop practice flow that reviews the combinations introduced in the previous sections.

In the Choreography section Fayzah breaks down combination-by-combination a Tribal Fusion choreography to the song “Bounty Killa” by BreakBeatBuddha. The choreography is at an intermediate-to-advanced level and features many techniques and transitions that will enrich and polish your individual dance style.

Two special sections of Fayzah’s program are dedicated to musicality in Tribal Fusion belly dance : Techniques and tips for playing zils during Tribal Fusion performances, and Tribal Fusion Music flavors. In Tribal Fusion Music Flavors Fayzah performs three improvisations to different pieces of music and comments on how she adapts her dance style to match the rhythmic structure and emotive color of different music flavors.



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