Yoga, Pilates, Stretch, Movement meditation and prenatal fitness - instant video / DVD

World Dance New York's stretching, Pilates, yoga, and abs workout DVD / video collection is the best-kept secret of the best bodies in New York City.  Shipped worldwide, these hard-working programs will keep you toned, flexible and gorgeous. Oh and by the way: Each of our "Perfect-in-Ten" titles for gals-on-the-go can also be played all-the-way-through for a full 45-minute to one-hour program!

Annette Fletcher's joint and lower back gentle movement therapy for permanent improvement: These are real gems in our fitness collection. Reverse the damage caused by a sedentary lifestyle and poor postural habits with these spine & hips muscle strengthening & stretch video / DVDs. 


World Dance New York makes your prenatal fitness fun and a full-on learning experience: By the time your child is born you will be a dancer. Our belly dance maternity video classes & special fitness offering for pregnancy bring you the secrets of ancient fertility and birthing dance rituals even as they keep your body toned and your mind inspired throughout your pregnancy.


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