Perfect in Ten: Abs with Tanna Valentine - 10-minute workouts - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

Perfect in Ten: Abs with Tanna Valentine - 10-minute workouts - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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Give us just 10 minutes 5 times a week and you will be on your way to a perfect shape faster than you ever thought possible!

Our 10-minute body sculpting workouts deliver a streamlined series of exercises designed to flatten and firm your abs, give a toned, sleek look to your butt and thighs, and make you feel more confident and stress-free. These programs are easy to fit in your busy schedule and offer a perfect headstart for working toward your slim-down goals. It is easier to achieve your your personal fitness goals when 10 minutes a day is all you need to spare to work out.

Created by NYC-based personal trainer and fitness expert Andy Troy CSCS, and demonstrated by fitness model and dancer Tanna Valentine, these targeted fitness routines employ simple no-nonsense toning exercises that produce amazing results when performed with proper form. As the workouts flow seamlessly from one movement to the next, Tanna provides form guidance and cues for each exercise, and explains what makes each one really effective.

Best of all, with our 4 ten-minute routines you can alternate your workout. Keeping your body continually challenged produces maximum results.

  1. Stretch

  2. Abs

  3. Buns & Thighs

  4. Bonus Upper Body workout