Stiletto Dance - Music Video Style, with Dana Foglia - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

Stiletto Dance - Music Video Style, with Dana Foglia - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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Stiletto Dance - Music Video Style is a dance instructional program and dance practice companion created by Dana Foglia, New York City- and Los Angeles-based star choreographer for commercial hip-hop and the visionary artistic director of her own contemporary fusion dance company. 

Performing in music videos seen by millions and also touring with top artists including Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Kelis, New Kids on the Block, Fantasia and many others, Dana Foglia  has chiseled her dance style and instructional method to meet the demanding requirements of the music video genre for highly dynamic, technical, sexy, powerfully feminine and evocative dance.

Combining precision classical technique with raw street styles and sophisticated nuance, Dana Foglia’s Stiletto Dance - Music Video Style video offers four spectacular stiletto-friendly choreographies capturing the style and the emotive power of cutting-edge music video style dance.

From leg strengthening exercises and stretches to the basics of dancing on high heels, to learning and practicing a wide array of moves and combinations, Dana Foglia's generous and vibrant program will get you closer to conquering the challenge of performing with top music artists and mastering stage dancing that combines uncompromising artistic sensibility with pop culture appeal.

Footwork and hip work, intriguing dramatic accents, elements of floorwork, and fluid, sensual dance sequences are set to modern beats that let you adapt Dana’s combinations and technique elements to your own music choices and creative projects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to study with Dana Foglia. Stiletto Dance - Music Video Style is a rare offering of skills and artistic vision that will propel you to a new level in your dance studies and career.