Sexy Dance Sampler - Burlesque, Exotic & Go-Go Dance 3-DVD Set

Sexy Dance Sampler - Burlesque, Exotic & Go-Go Dance 3-DVD Set

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Warning! Dangerously addictive!  Three genres of sexy dancing in your hands at a massive discount... OMG!...

Go-Go Dance with Angie Pontain (DVD)

Honey & Spice: Sensual & Fierce Burlesque with Jo Weldon (DVD)

Exotic Dance: The Irresistible Art, with Lady M (DVD)

Yes, all three staples of playful, graceful, girly sexy dancing are here: Burlesque, Exotic Dance and Go-Go dance.

Best-selling and globe-conquering, the Honey & Spice DVD by the fabulous Headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque Jo Weldon features a feather boa routine and bump & grind: The classics.  No wonder Honey and Spice is the best selling burlesque dance instructional DVD in the world.

Beautiful, elegant and classy Exotic Dance - The Irresistible Art (DVD), from Lady M, the quintessential pro dancer & instructor.  Lady M performs brilliant bellydance, music-video style dance and other genres in addition to her excellence as a trend-setting exotic dance choreographer, performer and instructor.  Learn an entire exotic dance routine complete with a dynamic entrance, sexy floorwork and an elegant striptease lap dance.

Incredibly happy and sexy Go-Go dance (DVD) with Angie Pontani, world-touring star of burlesque and the go-go queen of New York City.  Combining the retro flair of classic go-go moves with the sultry and slinky allure of modern club dance, Angie Pontani offers steps breakdown, practice sessions and a go-go dance routine.