Go-Go Dance with Angie Pontani - sexy, high-energy, free-spirited - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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Go-Go Dance with Angie Pontani - sexy, high-energy, free-spirited - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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Originating in New York City in the 1960s, sexy, high-energy, free-spirited go-go dance continues to grow in worldwide appeal as a dance performance and party dance style, inspiring nightclub entertainment, as well as a new form of dance fitness. Combining steps from Latin, disco, hip-hop, bellydance and other popular dance styles, go-go dance is both a social style perfect for club dancing and a performance dance whose professional-level skill set requires serious training.

Acclaimed star of burlesque and go-go dance, New York City-based Angie Pontani offers instruction and practice for beginners, teaching a wide range of go-go dance steps that blend into a modern, playful and classy go-go style. Angie seamlessly combines the retro flair of classic go-go moves with the sultry and slinky allure of modern club dance. All the sexy hipwork, languid undulations and hair flipping that make go-go dance such irresistible eye-candy are right here, in Angie’s “Go-Go Dance” instructional program.

Angie breaks down step-by-step basic Sexy Standing Moves of go-go dance and puts them together into a combination - an enticing mini-routine ready for a nightclub dance floor. Then her Sexy Upbeat Moves fall together into a high-energy dazzling mini-routine. A separate section of the video explores Hip Grind movement techniques, and in the last section of the program Angie teaches a glamorous go-go dance routine combining all the steps introduced in the previous sections.

Go-go dancing is joyful and stimulating, a great mood booster.  Even when you are just practicing at home it fills you with the excitement of a party vibe.  It is also a great way to lose weight and stay in shape. Go-go promotes muscle conditioning, body awareness and a commitment to fitness. It all comes naturally when go-go dance is part of your lifestyle.


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