Salsa & Samba Dance - Solo Moves for Women 3-DVD Set

Salsa & Samba Dance - Solo Moves for Women 3-DVD Set

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Sexy Latin solo dance steps for party girls and all lovers of salsa dance and Brazilian samba!  This bunch includes TWO solo salsa dance instruction and practice programs from Yesenia Adame, featured salsa performer on "Dancing with the Stars."  

Yesenia's "Salsa...Solo!" DVD has been the best-selling salsa dance instructional video in the world for years.... Her "Sexy Salsa!" DVD has 'gone global' in the same way as her first effort.  Both of Yesenia's salsa programs start with basic steps and progress to graceful - yet sassy! - combinations.   

The Sexy Salsa! instructional program is accompanied by a fabulous Cuban salsa band, playing live in the studio.


The "Dance Today: Samba!" (DVD) is a Rio-style Brazilian samba beginner instructional program with Brazil-born, New York-based instructor Quenia Ribeiro.  Quenia's DVD also features live music performed in the studio to accompany you in the most realistic style as you learn.  Get ready for Carnival with "Dance Today...Samba!" (DVD)

Sexy Salsa! Solo Moves & Combinations for Women, with Yesenia Adame (DVD)

Salsa...Solo!, with Yesenia Adame (DVD)

Dance Today! Samba, with Quenia Ribeiro (DVD)