Salsa Dance Fitness Party with Yesenia Adame - Instruction & Workout - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

Salsa Dance Fitness Party with Yesenia Adame - Instruction & Workout - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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 Yesenia Adame’s Salsa Dance Fitness Party is a joyful and explosive celebration of expressive movement, creative fitness, and the ever-captivating upbeat spirit & sensuality of Cuban salsa dance & music.

Yesenia Adame, a featured salsa dance performer on Dancing With The Stars, has already joined with World Dance New York to produce the two best-selling salsa dance instructional programs on video: Salsa...Solo! and Sexy Salsa.  Salsa Dance Fitness Party has been created for women who want to work out while learning and practicing salsa dance steps, variations, and flourishes solo.

As you work out, you will be dancing to amazing music played live by the celebrated New York City salsa band, The Enrique Luis Lopez Cuban Trio.

Salsa dance moves have a fantastic sculpting and toning potential, and when performed at a fast tempo, salsa dancing offers cardio workout benefits. Dance workouts have the highest motivational component of any exercise programs, as you are not just working out, but also learning and polishing your dance skills, acquiring technique, grace and confidence for both the dance floor and everyday life. 

To make sure you get the maximum learning benefits from her dance fitness program, Yesenia starts by discussing salsa rhythm with Manuel Carro of The Enrique Luis Lopez Cuban Trio. Manuel explains the structure of the salsa rhythm and teaches you to count the salsa beat, so you can dance competently as either a solo or partner dancer. 

Next, with her team of professional salsa dancers, Yesenia breaks down the steps for each dance sequence  in the Salsa Dance Fitness Party workout. Here you learn the moves and combinations for the entire workout step-by-step and see how they fit the counts of the salsa beat. Whenever you need to refresh your salsa technique, you can revisit this tutorial section before restarting your workout.

The Salsa Dance Fitness Party workout is all non-stop high-energy movement to live music by The Enrique Luis Lopez Cuban Trio. Yesenia leads you through a series of beautiful salsa combinations, perfect for a nightclub dance floor, for performance on stage, or for any festive occasion where you hear salsa music. The dance sequences progress from slower to faster tempo and build combinations gradually, keeping up a vibrant pace so that you work out every group of muscles.

The program includes a warmup and a cooldown.

Sexy Latin solo dance steps for party girls and all lovers of salsa!

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