Striptease for Burlesque, Exotic Dance & Every Day, with Jo Weldon - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

Striptease for Burlesque, Exotic Dance & Every Day, with Jo Weldon - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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 Whether you are fascinated with exotic dance, looking to grace the stage as a burlesque performer, or wondering about stripping for your significant other, you have arrived at the ultimate source of pro-level guidance on all aspects of striptease performance.

Jo Weldon, burlesque star and Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque, will teach you how to take off EVERYTHING, to the last string of pearls and handful of lace ligerie, and how to make a breathtaking show out of removing every item, be it an earring, a wedding gown, or a sweat suit.

How do you take off a sweat suit for a viewer? A business suit? Stockings? Or even glasses...with grace, starlike flair, subtle flirtation, suspense and fanfare?

Jo Weldon shares a wealth of experience and a million tips and tricks to make a stageworthy show out of stripping from both everyday clothes and rigged burlesque costumes. Jo's Striptease program offers an array of striptease routines, first taught step-by-step and then demonstrated to music. Each routine is partly choreographed, partly improvised, so that you can layer your own personality and style of movement over Jo's suggestions. For each routine Jo gives detailed guidance about various aspects of striptease technique, such as body angles, the interplay of concealing and revealing, the order and choreography’ of items removal. She also offers acting and expression tips to add humor, suspense, and sophistication to your act.

Jo's striptease routines include:

  • sweatsuit

  • lingerie

  • skirt and blouse (3 variations)

  • dress / evening gown (3 variations)

  • men's clothes

  • jeans, boots, turtleneck

  • wedding gown

  • business suit

  • corset and stockings.

In addition Jo's program contains sections of cultural information about the nature and history of striptease in burlesque and exotic dance, striptease instruction resources, and advice on selecting a stage name for burlesque or striptease performances.