How To Be a Pinup Model, with Bettina May and Go-Go Amy - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

How To Be a Pinup Model, with Bettina May and Go-Go Amy - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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 How to be a Pinup Model: Release your Inner Bombshell is a unique instructional program celebrating female curves, positive self-image and playful spirit with two outstanding stars of vintage/alternative modeling and burlesque artists Go-Go Amy and Bettina May. 

Alluring vintage pinup girl looks are now at the fingertips of any woman fortunate enough to lay her hands on this treasure chest of hair and makeup tutorials, modeling tricks, styling ideas, and inspirational guidance. To quote our instructors, "Pinup modeling is a body-positive experience. Glamour has no age, height, or size requirements. All you need is a good attitude and a little glitter."

So, go ahead, add sensual vintage flair to your everyday look or try an amazing pinup makeover for special occasions!

Creating your own pinup look is addictive!.... it is an experience of emotional discovery, bringing you closer to your truly feminine, always hopeful, ageless, resourceful, and down-to-earth core.

You will be amazed at the volume of detail in this program: The vintage-look lore, grandma's secrets, and the spot-on helpful modern advice generously offered by Bettina May and Go-Go Amy, as well as the authenticity of their material, the depth their historical awareness and their inventiveness in blending retro and modern techniques. This video guide covers vintage hair styles, glamour makeup, posing for photography, sexy body language, and maintaining an optimistic spirit.

Bettina May instructs in the techniques of setting curls (different angles and configurations of rollers result in different looks!) and curl styling to echo the image of your favorite pinup icon or retro movie star, and in creating your own unique modern style with a retro twist. Go-go Amy delves into the elusive techiques of vintage makeup: She brings new hope to all of us who attempted a '40s diva cat eye or a retro lip shape but were defeated by crooked lines and hideous smudges generated by uncooperative pencils and eye-liner from hell. Rediscover simplicity: "This is how grandma did it, and grandma was always right."

Short hair? Short bangs? Learn how to seamlessly incorporate features of your personal hair style into an authentic retro look.

Body shape concerns? First of all, get over it. (It's all about CURVES, remember?) But, to be on the safe side, learn to trick the camera! Bettina May and Go-Go Amy take you on a journey through a dynamic inventory of modeling tricks and flattering body angles used by movie stars and models in front of the camera since silent movie days.

The girls will also teach you totally doable tricks to achieve those innocent and always surprised wide-eyed ingenue pinup girl facial expressions.

This beautiful-in-spirit, supportive and highly entertaining program is a perfect gift for yourself or a friend, and can also be the centerpiece for "a girls night in" party.