Flamenco Dance 3-DVD Set - 6 choreographies

Flamenco Dance 3-DVD Set - 6 choreographies

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Learn the authentic techniques & moves of Spanish flamenco dancing with this trio of instructional programs by Puela Lunaris.  Enjoy Puela's warm, gentle and patient instruction in a number of popular flamenco styles:

Dance Today! Flamenco - gypsy tangos and farruca techniques and routines (DVD)

Flamenco - You Can Do It! - sevillanas, social style solo, or with a partner, and performance style, with a fan (DVD)

Flamenco Is Hot! - campanilleros, Baile Puro de Mujer (feminine style of flamenco) and Manton de Manila (flamenco shawl) (DVD)

Dance Today! Flamenco

Flamenco: You Can Do It!

Flamenco Is Hot!