Spice - The Belly Dance Workout with Tanna Valentine

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Spice - The Belly Dance Workout with Tanna Valentine

Created by star belly dancer and acclaimed dance instructor Tanna Valentine, Spice - The Belly Dance Workout is a dance fitness and practice program based on folk dances of the Middle East and North Africa. It is a great resource for belly dance artists looking to expand their dance vocabulary and understanding of the folk dance origins of classic belly dance.

The video includes a 30-minute workout / practice flow, non-stop with music; a 50-minute Tutorial section and dance performances by Tanna Valentine, Giselle and Yoshina.

The Spice Workout flow features authentic music, rhythms and movement vocabulary of debke, saiidi, fellahin, karsilama and ciftetelli dances. Tanna offers graceful combinations in each of these dance styles, weaving them into seamless sequences and repeating them throughout each segment for optimal practice.

In the Tutorial section Tanna introduces each folk dance style and breaks down each combination and transition. The program is open level and assumes that you are familiar with the basic moves of classic bellydance.

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