Love Potion: The Belly Dance Workout, with Neon - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

Love Potion: The Belly Dance Workout, with Neon - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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Created by New York City-based star belly dance choreographer and instructor Neon, The Love Potion Belly Dance Workout combines dance fitness with dance instruction. The program consists of three sections: The Love Potion Workout - 40 minutes...Neon's Practice Flow for Beginners - 50 minutes....Neon's Full Tutorial for Beginners - 50 minutes.

Love Potion is a muscle-conditioning and sculpting workout made of 100% bellydance steps and designed to give you a true dance experience through sequences of real dance combinations set to rich, evocative music. It is a non-stop movement program: The step-by-step technique instruction is offered in a separate 50-minute Tutorial section. Exploring all major areas of the belly dance vocabulary, the Love Potion dance movement combinations are introduced gradually; each section of the workout adds new material and builds on the steps and combinations featured in previous sections.

Love Potion is choreographed to express the music as real dance. It teaches real dance skills, never sacrificing the artistic and expressive nature of belly dance movement. The technique instruction and practice woven into the workout will benefit dancers of all levels. You will work through all types of coordination and muscle control used in bellydance and practice the techniques that create the look of depth and connectedness in dance movement.

A Tutorial section explains the mechanics of every move: You will learn the core belly dance vocabulary, and develop beautiful form, muscle control and precise technique. Each step is explained in detail, and followed by an option to practice it with music in the corresponding section from the Practice Flow at first a slow and then a faster tempo.

The Practice Flow is a separate beginner-level program that introduces and drills each belly dance step and all the major Love Potion combinations. This section features 50-minutes of non-stop dance practice. It moves at a slower pace than the Love Potion workout and offers more repetitions of individual moves before developing them into combinations.

As a fitness program Love Potion will help define and elongate the muscles of your abs, thighs, and hips, strengthen the muscles of your upper and lower back, increase your flexibility and the fluidity of your dance and regular daily movement. This program pays special attention to the muscle groups responsible for giving you a confident, graceful carriage. It will stretch, release and strengthen your muscles providing a good base for healthy and graceful posture - both in dance and in your everyday life.

The Love Potion workout has 2 soundtrack options:

  • with voice cues

  • with music only.

The last section of the workout extends the Love Potion combinations into a choreographed dance. Enjoy the Love Potion!