Liquid Gold: Belly Dance Fluid Moves Workout with Neon - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

Liquid Gold: Belly Dance Fluid Moves Workout with Neon - INSTANT VIDEO / DVD

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*** If you purchase the Instant Video version - the video access link will be sent to you by email. Please keep the email - as long as you have the link, you can access the video any time, anywhere in the world, on any device.

Created by New York City-based star of belly dance performance and instruction Neon, Liquid Gold: Fluid Belly Dance Moves Workout is designed to perfect your technique in executing fluid bellydance moves, enhance your dance vocabulary by working with a wide range of combinations and transitions, and to give you an engaging non-stop movement workout flow with a solid sculpting, toning, and flexibility-increasing potential.

This program is open level - belly dancers of any skill level or experience will benefit from practicing with Neon to increase their fluidity. Fluidity is one of the essential components of grace. Without grace dance is reduced to aerobics.  As you study belly dance, you quickly achieve a good level of technique where your movement is already clean and controlled, but there may still be a bit of stiffness or rigidity to it. Maybe your flexibility level needs to be taken up a notch, or maybe you are still lacking the control that gives you that smooth flow that we all appreciate in belly dance. This program will help.

The Liquid Gold Fluid Belly Dance Workout flow is about 40 minutes. It consists of 6 sections.

Level one:  Circles, figure 8s, and undulations

Level two:  Circles, figure 8s, and undulations

If you are familiar with classic belly dance fluid moves, go straight to the Workout section - 2 versions available in both DVD & instant video format: with voice cues and with music only.

If you would like to refresh your technique, visit  the Tutorial section where Neon explains every move in detail.

Fluid belly dance moves are a great tool for improving the health of your spine, your neck, your lower back and your hip area, and unlike percussive moves, fluid motion doesn't put much stress on your knees.

Neon believes in a functionally complete approach, where you improve your skills in the context where those skills are applied. If you want a particular move to look great on you, if you want it to be graceful or larger than life, then practice that very move - many times, in diverse combinations - always in the context of real dance. Push yourself to increase the range of your motion bit by bit, gradually  varying the amplitude and the tempo of your movement, and listening  to your body. Deepen your moves by a small increment every time you practice, and you will reach your goal sooner than you expect.