Secret Gift - Belly Dance & Ritual Dance for Beginners with Neon

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Secret Gift - Belly Dance & Ritual Dance for Beginners with Neon

Neon’s “Secret Gift - Belly Dance & Ritual Dance for Beginners”  is a blend of belly dance, ritual dance, or ‘sacred dance,’ and movement meditation.  

It honors dance as ritual rather than dance as theater, putting its personal and healing aspects above purely visual. You will focus on what you feel yourself as opposed to creating experiences for your audience. Dance instruction in this program is for absolute beginners. However, if you are interested in learning how to use dance in ritual, or in creating a temple dance experience based on belly dance, it’s open level. Besides basics of bellydance technique, Neon teaches a lot of steps, poses, and gestures designed to convey archetypal, symbolic or spiritual meaning you can weave in your own personal ritual or performance.

Neon teaches 3 choreographed ritual sequences, using the format of non-stop movement with music (72 min.)  

  1. “Embrace Change” sequence is built as a template portraying three stages of a ritual -   separation, transition, and  integration.

  2. “Free Your Mind” is a meditative dance reflecting on the sense of lightness that arises when you are at peace with yourself.

  3. “Eternal Feminine” focuses on femininity as a way to be in communion with life around us without need to control it, and understanding that what we are seeking is alive within us.

The elements of ritual symbolism presented in Neon’s “Secret Gift” can be used in a ritual dance, spiritual practice, or movement meditation.



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