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Over 30%-off when you "BUY-A-BUNCH" of World Dance New York dance or dance-fitness DVDs. ...

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* Belly Dance for Beginners

40 products

Belly dance videos for total beginners, crash-course style, dance workout and in-depth belly dancing...

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* Belly Dance Workouts

34 products

Belly dancing is an excellent tool for losing weight and sustaining weight loss, for...

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* Belly Dance: Intermediate / Advanced

45 products

We bring you a wonderful array of advanced and professional-level technique and choreography belly...

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* Bollywood & Flamenco Dance

10 products

BOLLYWOOD: Irresistibly glamorous, upbeat, sexy, elegant, light-hearted, Bollywood dance is invading dance studios, dance...

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* Burlesque & Pinup Modeling

20 products

BURLESQUE: From the showgirls in the Burlesque movie, to burlesque dancers on the stages of...

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* Exotic Dance

10 products

Sexy dance is hot, baby! Learn techniques & tricks of exotic dance, burlesque, go-go...

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* Salsa & Brazilian Samba

13 products

Yesenia Adame's SALSA SOLO has been the best-selling salsa dance instructional video in the...

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* Self-Defense

3 products

Tayah Kansik's Self Defence for Women video / DVD is rooted in boxing and...

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* Stiletto & Go-Go Dance

9 products

STILETTO: Stiletto dance is inspired by dance routines you see in pop and hip-hop music videos...

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* Tribal Fusion & Hip-Hop Dance

39 products

Tribal Fusion belly dance is a blend of hip-hop, belly dancing, Indian dance, and...

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Belly Dance - All Videos

243 products

Crash course, fitness & in-depth belly dancing videos & DVDs from the #1 belly dance instructional...

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Belly Dance Performance

6 products

Belly dance performance DVDs & instant video from World Dance New York's catalog. Gothic...

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Choreography Studio

25 products

The World Dance New York Choreography Studio is a collection of belly dance instructional...

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Expand your dance horizons!

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Streaming Video Bunches - Mini-Subscriptions 1 year rental

18 products

Organized by subject, these collections are great to work on your skills in a...

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Stretching/Yoga/Pilates + Prenatal

12 products

World Dance New York's stretching, Pilates, yoga, and abs workout DVD / video collection...

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