Hip-Hop Dance

Hip hop dance classes on video from World Dance New York! Learn at home: Fast, easy, inexpensive. Study street styles and choreographed music-video style hip-hop dance as seen on MTV...and you will be learning from New York's top instructors!
Future's video / DVDs: UNDERGROUND street hip-hop and house dance taught by an original Bronx hip-hop dance master. It’s the real thing! A rare treat for hip-hop dance fans across the world...Future teaches waving & house dance in "Waves of the Future: Hip-Hop & House Dance" DVD & instant video series. And he also teaches basics of hip-hop dance in "Wave Explosion! Belly Dance - Hip-Hop Liquid Fusion" DVD / video by Anasma.
Karen Gayle and Laya Barak teach hip hop dance, contemporary dance and jazz in New York City. Their programs focus on choreographed music-video-style hip hop dance. Both videos feature 3 choreographies, with increasing level of difficulty.
Dana Foglia is one of Beyonce's choreographers; she has worked with many pop and hip-hop artists both designing and performing dance routines in music videos. Even though her stiletto dance video / DVD is not hip-hop dance, we've included her program in this collection, because stiletto dance borrows heavily from choreographed music-video style hip-hop dancing and the lines are often blurred.
You will also find here videos / DVDs exploring the blend of belly dance and hip-hop dance - where two popular dance styles merge into a new cutting-edge trend in dance & women’s creative fitness. These are programs from our Tribal Fusion belly dance collection and Liquid Fusion series by Anasma.

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